EyesCredit Service CO., LTD (EyesCredit) focus on the integration of the construction industry operating data, and large data technology for the wind control means docking various types of financial institutions, to provide efficient, high-quality project financing services

  • 额度高 最高授信额度可达1000万
    High credit limit
    10,000,000 at most
  • 利率低 日利率可低至万分之六
    Low interest rate
    Low daily interest rate: 0.06% only
  • 纯信用 无需任何抵押担保
    Credit only
    Need no mortgage guarantee
  • 还款期限 15至30天,满15天后,即可提前还款
    Payback period
    15-30 days; repay in advance (after the 15th day) is allowable
  • 资金用途 用于投标保证金
    Used as bid security
  • 贷款对象 三级资质以上建筑企业
    Prospective borrower
    Construction enterprises above grade three
Application materials
  1. Copies of original and duplicate of enterprise business license
  2. Copy of license for account opening
  3. Copies of ID cards (owners and their spouses) and marriage certificates
  4. Copies of qualification certificates
  5. Copies of winning bids within one year
  6. Recent credit reports of enterprises together with owners and their spouses
  7. Transaction flow records to the public within one year
  8. Asset list under the name of enterprises, owners and their spouses and copies of main assets (namely house property and vehicles etc.)
  1. 1
    Submit application
  2. 2
    Due diligence
  3. 3
    Get approval
  4. 4
    Credit plan
  5. 5
    Issue loans
  6. 6
    Payment collection