EyesCredit Service CO., LTD (EyesCredit) is set up in 2014 at Changsha.

EyesCredit is an internet service provider (ISP) lead in financial technology. We collect, analyze and integrate data resource of enterprises to automatically present true operation state in real time and provide financial agencies like banks and funds with efficient and precise business data. For financial agencies, we help to extend business scope, speed up verification and offer dynamic new risk management on post-loan while for enterprises, we assist in getting financing service fast and easy with low cost.

Believing in data and technology, EyesCredit digs deep in credit on the basis of big data. We have established Institute of Financial Data and Institute of Industry-University-Research together with Central South University. The team involves experts on finance, information and computer and has rich experience in quantification modeling, optimization, data mining and big data.

A solid foundation has been laid in platform and data collecting. We have focused on globally advanced technology for data integration. With experience of B2B e-commerce and data integration in real time, we are growing as a hi-tech company specialized in integration software of value chain, cloud platform, financial service and enterprise credit.

We have successfully applied data technology for Tmall business and construction industry. Through real-time and history data analysis, we can establish data model for construction enterprises and we can service financial agencies with loan review, loan management and post-loan monitor.


Collect real-time data for small and medium-sized enterprises to portrait operating performance.


We offer loan for e-business and project financing loan for construction enterprises according to portrait.

Financial technology

We are good at using technology to serve financial industry and foster innovation.

Big data

We believe in data and technology and play an active role with rich accumulation of data.

Machine learning

Improve risk management system of big data by machine learning to make it intelligence-approaching with global-oriented view.

Precise marketing

Get the right customer quickly and lower promotion cost to realize the value of portrait.

Core members


Chu Nan

卜俊,Data Mining Supervisor

Bu Jun

Data Mining Supervisor
姚威,Information Security Leader

Yao Wei

Information Security Leader
黄威杰,Database Director

Huang Weijie

Database Director

Working environment